Incredible quality, beautiful prices.

One of my favorite things about being a makeup artist and esthetician is recommending my favorite and most trusted products to my clients.  For many years, I have been sending them to beauty counters to line the pockets of very large brands (most of which are owned and manufactured by ONE GIANT brand).  

When I discovered this tiny company born from the coveted pro artist store in NYC called Alcone, I knew I had stumbled upon something very unique and special.  Limelight by Alcone is a brand who makes the products most loved by the top makeup artists in the world available to all women.  And they make these products available THROUGH all women, men and pro artists alike.  This gives me an opportunity to grow my business and continue to recommend only the best quality of skincare and makeup to my clients whom I love and appreciate. While doing this, I am also enjoying the benefits of having my own little store of products that I have been using in my kit for years but was unable to sell until now.

So go ahead, see what this incredible line has to offer for you.  Perhaps you need to clean up your skincare, or you want a perfect blush that is so finely milled it looks like silk on your cheek, or perhaps you are looking for a really life changing opportunity that will allow you to make money and spend more time doing other things that enrich your soul.  Step into the light, darling.  I'm here to help you with anything you need.