Bold. Simple. Beautiful. 

I picked up my first makeup brush in 2007. I have spent many years connecting with women of all ethnicities, ages & personalities.  In my experience, all of these women share one commonality: we want to feel beautiful and confident.

I have discovered that in a society that is completely overindulgent when it comes to consumerism, many of the women that I know personally and have worked with want simple solutions without the overwhelm of walking into a department store and guessing what products they should purchase only to feel disappointed with yet another product that doesn't deliver results or feel easy to use.  










As a licensed esthetician and experienced pro makeup artist, I feel beyond equipped to be your go to beauty advisor for all of your needs.  I am different because I believe beauty should be simple.  It  should be a daily ritual of self care without feeling daunting or fussy. 

I am not your typical makeup guru or artist.  I enhance beauty without covering it.  I will get you feeling your most confident with only exactly what you need and allow you to shine as yourself. This is beauty, simplified.