Let me take the confusion OUT of beauty!

Have you ever walked into a department store or beauty store, stood there for a few seconds while the feelings of panic and overwhelm start to creep in slowly and then you end up turning around and leaving because it’s all too much?

I will admit…I have done this so many times. I have also talked to so many women who have repeatedly endured this same experience when it comes to shopping for beauty products.

Not only are they often frustrated that they have wasted several hundreds if not thousands of dollars on products that don’t work for them but they also have brought products home without the faintest clue about how to apply or use them.

I see a glaringly massive hole in the beauty industry that I am ready to fill for my wonderful, trusting clients. There is a lack of personalization when it comes to beauty products. A specific line of makeup or skincare is NOT one size fits all. For instance, I would most likely choose a completely different product for a twenty something VS a more mature woman based on different lifestyle, skin goals & investment capabilities.

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