Finally! An exfoliant for sensitive Sally's!

Gentle Refining Mask

Sometimes we can be a little sensitive. I'm not talking emotionally (this time).  

Our skin can STRAIGHT UP FREAK if we exfoliate it.  I am a LOVER of exfoliating though.  I like the tingly burn and the baby soft feeling of my freshly exposed 'new skin' after wiping off the old, dull surface layer of dead skin (for a lack of a better description).  

Hey, I'm sensitive too.  Sometimes I can't do the super active exfoliating pads (hello Brightening Peel Pads...I love you but you're a once in awhile type of thrill for me).  

This Gentle Refining Mask by Sanitas is a fairly new mask and it is really jaw dropping-ly gentle and effective. It is made with exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients like natural alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid to give you a clearer-looking complexion.  My favorite ingredients are:

  • Caviar Lime: a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids that gently exfoliates the skin and stimulates renewal.
  • Olivem 1000: a skin-identical calming compound that relieves irritation, stinging and sensitivity from actives
  • Polysaccharides: plant-derived emollients that balance skin hydration and relieve irritation to make acids more tolerable

So not only is it an effective exfoliating mask, it has ingredients that actively work to soothe and keep your skin happy while the Caviar Lime is doing it's work.  Amazing.  I love Sanitas so much.  My goodness... 

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